blue carpetI’m actually sitting on the plane thinking up a totally worthless blog post that I can write on my iPhone. The time in Seattle is 4:05 as I begin this post.

I figured I would discuss my trip down the continental blue carpet. Before doing so, I want to tell you that I wanted to create this whole stupid skit that I thought would be ‘stupid funny’ to do well on YouTube.

The idea was for me to video myself as I experience the blue carpet. Start off by approaching the carpet carefully. Being very careful as I step on the carpet for the first time, as one would do when going in to a cold pool of water. Then I would learn to trust the carpet more as the carpet trusted me more. Yea, the girly music would start playing in the background.

Then to be really funny, I might begin to lay down on the carpet as if it was a bed, ie totally trusting the blue carpet.

Now if this story board was placed on, would continental airlines buy into it?

That was my plan but by the time I ended up at the blue carpet, the carpet was in use. So my plan failed.

This post is now done. It is now 4:13 and I typed it all on my iPhone. Not bad. (added after, the point was to see how fast I can type a blog entry on my phone).

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    ok so u told us what u wanted to do but u never told us how ur first experience was???

    did u get anything from it??
    was it cool??
    did u feel special??

    change this tile of this blog it didnt say one thing about ur first time

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