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Am I Running For President?

If you check out News3Online.com, you may notice that a mysterious Barry Schwartz is running for president. Here is the news coverage: Would you vote for me? FYI- I’ll upload a better video soon, this is a bit choppy as you can see.


Quick Dinner: How To Go Out To Eat Quickly

Last night, I went out to eat at a normal sit down restaurant in NYC. From the time that I sat down, to the time my food was off my plate, was probably less than five minutes. How did I manage to go out for dinner, order, have them prepare the food, serve us the

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: June 19, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google incorporates page loading time into quality score. Google’s local business center is buggy. Google tests more AdSense fonts. Link building should not cause a downgrade in rank. New video documentation on using the AdWords API is live. Google does gay pride. Should you do SEO? People fear Facebook dippers. Search Engine

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Great Storage Option: Sterilite 0142 Cabinet

We recently hired three new programmers, once about a month ago and two new coders who are starting in within a week or so. The coder who started has a nice desk already, which he enjoys. The two new guys have place, but we wanted to open things up a bit. In the “client specialists

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Alexa is Wrong or Different

Yesterday, someone asked me if the Search Engine Roundtable‘s traffic is down. I said no, why? He explained that the Alexa chart showed a decline in traffic. I decided to plot that graph with true Google Analytics data, to see if there was a decline. Here it is: The bolder blue line is Google Analytics


Remote Check Deposit in Action

I have been talking about remote check deposit for a while and I was finally approved to get this service for free with my bank. I received the machine on Monday and it worked. So today, I wanted to demo to you how it works. Here is a video showing how I go to a


Forgot to Activate Smoke Alarms :: 7 Months Later

So I have been in my new house for over seven months now. This week, I noticed that I forgot to remove the piece of paper between the battery and the smoke detectors in the upstairs bedrooms. Yes, with that paper in, the smoke detectors won’t work. You think I am dumb, don’t you? Well,