I Don’t Like Sharing My Gadgets

When it comes to sharing my gadgets, I am a bit of a germy. I just don’t like people touching my laptop, my iPhone or any of my gadgets. I am very possessive about them and I admit, it is a bit selfish. Why don’t I like sharing my gadgets? (1) I am very protective


Sleeping on the Sofa : Air Conditioning Broke

The past few nights I was forced to sleep on the sofa. It was a first for me, since being married for over two years now. But my wife didn’t send me to the sofa, she actually slept with me on the sofa. Sunday night, the first night of Shavous, one of my A/C units


Blogs Are Working & Load Balanced

After a couple more hours of trial and error, I believe the blogs are now configured correctly. In fact, they are set up to be fully load balanced on two web servers and one database server. We had some issues with comments being over written, but with a new rsync command, we got them working


FYI – This Blog Has Some Issues

So we moved all the blogs to a new server. This one, none of the others, is having issues. Your comments will time out but eventually appear on the blog posts. So keep that in mind. I will try to figure out why this particular blog is having issues, while all the others are working


Testing New Server

So, I switched over the blogs from our old server configuration to a new one. We are on a new IP, in fact, the servers are load balanced. Thing is, we need to sync the blog posts, which produces HTML files to one server, and then sync it back to the other server. Not a


Shavuot (שבועות): Offline Monday & Tuesday

This Sunday night is the start of the Shavuot (שבועות) holiday. That means that I will be offline, no blogging, no email, no phone, for a 50 hour period or so. I am offline Monday and Tuesday – so please don’t email me or call me and leave a voicemail. Also, please make sure there


Note To Self: Stick With Red Eye Flights

I have complained time and time again in my travel section about taking red eye flights. I have always vowed to avoid them. Well, for the first time in a west coast to east coast flight, I took a mid-day flight out of the west to go east. I conned myself into believing that since