My First Experience Down The Blue Carpet

I’m actually sitting on the plane thinking up a totally worthless blog post that I can write on my iPhone. The time in Seattle is 4:05 as I begin this post. I figured I would discuss my trip down the continental blue carpet. Before doing so, I want to tell you that I wanted to

Just Weird

Fake Employees Adding Themselves to My Facebook Company

You know how you can “Search by Company” in Facebook? Well, I recently noticed that a couple Facebook users who are not and were never part of my company, were listed in my company directory in Facebook. So, I asked around if there was an easy way, as the company admin in Facebook, to remove


I’m Elite! Earned Elite Status on Continental

I am finally there. I am elite! I have elite status on Continental Airlines. This year, I promised I would stick with one airline in order to gain enough miles to give me some type of perk. My flight to Seattle a couple days ago earned me the 326 + miles I needed to obtain

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: June 4, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Yahoo adds ads for you and bills you also. Google does hot air balloon. Delete posts in Google Reader. Google fixes webmaster communication. Yahoo does tons of deals today. Microsoft does search charity. Plus tons and tons of conference coverage. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Yahoo Can Legally Create or Change Your Search


Catching People Reading Your Blog

It use to be weird for me to see people reading my blogs. But now, not so much. Just a few minutes ago, I caught the person on my left and on my right reading blog posts I wrote hours before. Not only that, the person on my left was reading both SER and SEL.


Matt Cutts Talks About His Addiction To Porn

So I caught Matt Cutts of Google talk about watching porn. This is to tease Matt. It actually is part of Matt talking about his SafeSearch filter, which removes porn from image search. So again, just a Matt tease.

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: June 3, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: WebmasterWorld has major security break in. Yahoo and Microsoft trims off trailing slash URL. Google blogs on cloaking. Google explains why they changed their favorite icon. Plus we are still covering sessions at SMX. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: WebmasterWorld Compromised – Security Issue Reveals Some Passwords Yahoo Still Trimming Off Trailing Slash,


Part of My Mobile Arsenal

I’ve talked about my mobile gear in the past. Last night, I took some of my mobile stuff out and put it in the bathroom. I then thought, this makes for a blog post. So here it is: Meet my mobile hair brush, mobile tooth brush, mobile tooth paste and mobile scope. I have other