The past few nights I was forced to sleep on the sofa. It was a first for me, since being married for over two years now. But my wife didn’t send me to the sofa, she actually slept with me on the sofa.

Sunday night, the first night of Shavous, one of my A/C units broke down. My parents were spending the holiday at us, it was the first time they pulled an overnighter at our place. Sunday night, we all slept upstairs (well, actually, my father and I spent the night learning in Synagogue). By the morning, it was 79 degrees upstairs. It only got worse. By midday it was in the 80s and it got as high as 91 degrees upstairs. So Monday night, we slept on the main level.

My wife and I slept in the family room, with the light on, by pulling two sofas together. Here is a picture of that.
A/C Broken - Sleeping on Sofa

My parents slept in our dinning room, on two mattresses I brought downstairs for them.

We slept like that from Monday through last night. This morning, the A/C people came to fix the A/C. I believe all it needed was Freon.

Thankfully, the A/C units on the main level worked. If we had one unit, I am not sure what we would have done. I honestly need a good night sleep. I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight.

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  1. COUCH

    and sucks for the first time having parents over and have to do this

    One day u will laugh at this

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