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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: July 31, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google has reporting errors in webmaster tools. Google maps adds the fix marker location. Yahoo admits publisher payout mistake. Views in YouTube. Cuil laughs. SEO practices. Live gets redesign. Google Sites get Sitemap verification. Google does venture capital. Googlers at work. UK approves Street Views. Google tests new related searches. Delicious relaunches.


Dots in Gmail Addresses: It’s Me?

I have a Gmail account that I rarely use, but it is mine. The Gmail account is barry.schwartz@. But for the past several months, I randomly get emails made out to barryschwartz@, yes, without the dot. So I figured the people were emailing the wrong person, i.e. not emailing barryschwartz@ but mistakenly emailing barry.schwartz@. I


Second A/C Unit Fails – Due to Freon Levels

Remember all my A/C issues? If not, here they are in order of most recent: Vacuum Out Freon For Air Conditioner Level Them Freon Losing Trust in One of My Air Conditioners Sleeping on the Sofa : Air Conditioning Broke This Saturday, we had family over for a big lunch. Lunch was in the dining


Saying Goodbye To My Bank

I have been talking about remote check deposit for a while. I told you that I was approved for it and then showed you how remote check deposit works on video. The only issue was that my bank initially told me that I could only hook up my business accounts to it. That was great,


Why I Answer Most Operator Calls At My Office

So I briefly mentioned that I answer most the calls in my office. Why do I do that? We have a phone system with extensions. So it automatically answers the call and gives the caller the option to dial an extension, by name or sales/support/operator etc. If a caller is specifically looking for a person


No Patience For Sales Calls, None!

I just have zero patience for sales calls. Overall, I am an impatient person, which is one of my many flaws. But when it comes to people trying to sell me something, when I don’t request it – ugh… makes me angry. You know I am not nice to India and don’t give them the

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: July 29, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google keeps yo-yoing, but why? Google AdWords search gets a redesign. Google Maps street views calls home. Google News Archive Search explored. Can the Google keyword tool benchmark your traffic? Can you do SEO with just links? Google forgot to renew their email certificate. Use Google News power filters. Google has logos


iPhone Zmanim Now Accurate & Complete

Update: To be notified when the iPhone Siddur is available, please go here and fill out your email address in the box at the top right of the page. The siddur texts are still being cleaned up and that is going well. But while we do that, we are also working on improving the iPhone

WAV File Voicemails Work in iPhone

The one thing I really hated about the email client in the iPhone was that it did not let you listen to WAV formatted attachments. So, my office voicemail system and home voicemail, which both emailed me my voicemails could only be heard on a computer or via calling into the voicemail. With the new