iPhone Siddur iconUpdate: To be notified when the iPhone Siddur is available, please go here and fill out your email address in the box at the top right of the page. Friday afternoon, we launched version 1.0 of the iPhone Siddur. We did so, so we can get it out there and get it approved by Apple, so we can work now on cleaning things up and adding features.

My brother, in Israel, has been working on cleaning up the texts, to make them look more readable. He has been doing an awesome job. Here is a screen capture of Shemona Esrei (or the Amidah) within Mincha, after he cleaned it up.

Mincha Amidah on iPhone Siddur

We got the header color going, we got small text for certain text, we got small italics for instructional text, we shade the background of holiday/special texts that aren’t used daily. This makes it much easier to read and follow. So we are almost done going through all the texts to make them all clean. We still have a few more on the Ashekenaz side and then the Sephardi to go. It just takes time to go through all of it. If you want to contribute to the texts and add more, do contact us and let us know.

We also will be working on more features, immediately:

  1. More zmanim including alos, tzais, earliest teffilin, and more…
  2. Add explanations (on click event) for the zmanim
  3. Add calendar feature to zmanim (so it just doesn’t show today)
  4. Add ability to change your location (so it just isn’t based on your GPS location)
  5. Add more texts
  6. Add a settings feature for the siddur, so it remembers if you are Ashkenazic or Sephardi.

So we will continue to develop the application out. We do hope Apple approves us quickly. In fact, I do not want to change the application (i.e. add these improvements) until Apple does approve version 1.0. Once they approve 1.0, we will release a 1.x version.

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  1. jack

    is it sefard or sepharadi becuase theres a difference. sefard are jews from spain and sepharadi are jews that lived in spain and moved to syria. Sepharadi prayer customs are also known as (edut hamizrach)עדות המזרח
    These jews that moved to syria are also known as syrian jews

  2. machzor

    any thoughts on cost for the siddur app? looks great! i hope its out this week…

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