Apple Remote Desktop Connection ClientI have been using Parallels since August 2006 on my MacBook Pro but time has come for me to trash it. Over the course of the years, Parallels has slowed my computer down tremendously.

I recently switched to a real PC. I bought a cheap Dell computer for maybe a couple hundred dollars more than the Parallels software. I stuck the computer behind my desk, plugged it into the network and then I leave it on. I then use the Apple Remote Desktop Connection Client to connect to the Dell.

This is so much faster then running Parallels. I can connect at work or at home, via the VPN. I can print, copy and paste between Mac and PC and always email documents back and forth. Just as my Mac (which is still less than two years old) gets older, Parallels slows down and it takes forever to do the tasks I need it to do.

Goodbye Parallels. 🙁

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  1. Luke

    Sounds wonderful, I’m trying to set up exactly the same thing at the moment. Can you tell me, do I first need to connect via VPN before I can connect to an external LAN with Apple Remote Desktop Connection?

    Parallels blows, it slows my Mac down to the point where it is unusable. All I really want to do is test my css in IE and get out of there.

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