iPhone Wifi FreeIt is about time! AT&T has thousands and thousands of wifi hotspots nationwide and they are finally opening up those networks for iPhone users, for free.

Free is relative. Yes, we pay AT&T for phone service, but I have been paying for a year without the free wifi. So now, we have free wifi, which should help if I am not in a 3G network and don’t have my own wifi connection.

You can see AT&T’s hotspots over here and this also includes all Starbucks locations.

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  1. Chris Bartow

    Looks like all McDonald’s have them as well, but I believe they have been open to anyone.

    Do you have any details on how to access it at Starbucks? I thought it was locked down some how.

  2. Barry Schwartz

    Kevin, it depends Kevin. I think many ATT customers had free wifi already, just not iPhone users.

    Chris, The link above has info on the Starbucks access. I think you are right, Starbucks did give access, but only to iTunes (they did open it up for a bit for everything, but it was closed). So now it seems more official.

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