Danny is an Apple Fan BoyDanny Sullivan, I am disappointed, disturbed and a bit ashamed to hear you had a change of heart.

Time and time again, both on the radio and via personal and private communication, Danny told me he would not be getting an iPhone. Not until it gets a keyboard and/or you can tether.

Danny, the iPhone can not do either of those things yet, I hear via Twitter, you will be getting an iPhone. And I quote:

dannysullivan heaven help me, i think i want an iphone of my own now. 04:15 PM July 14, 2008 from twhirl

dannysullivan @sugarrae i know! but with 3G, the phone seriously makes sense. and crash nitro cart. and twitterific is awesome. and safari’s cool. and and 04:18 PM July 14, 2008 from twhirl in reply to sugarrae

dannysullivan verizon kindly offered to cut my termination fee in 1/2 to port over to at&t so nothing stands between me and my iphone tomorrow. cept stock about 1 hour ago from web

But this is the same Danny who said he won’t be getting this phone. Why do I care so much? I don’t – I just want to rub it in, because I told him I would when he gets one.

Honestly, I thought it would take at least 3 months to convince him. But 4 days! Only 4 days!

I told Danny, and I quote:

when u move, ur so getting an iphone

In reply, Danny said:


I then replied:

i give u 6 months from when u move

I was so wrong! 6 months! This is 4 days!

So Danny, you are now the ultimate fan boy…

This post is just a joke, meant to *rub it in* as an “I told you so. I am sure Danny will pay me back some day. In reality, I am very happy he is getting an iPhone. It should make my life a bit easier, in terms of the blogging we do together.

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  1. Barry Smyth

    Ha, he said much the same thing to me at SMX Sydney.

    To quote from memory – “No, I’ll wait till its 3g, get one for my wife and see how it goes from there”

    Enjoy your new phone Danny & good post Barry, you had to do it.

  2. Matt McGee

    Heheheheee. You go, Barry! πŸ™‚ I remember telling him that resistance is futile.

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