aj schreiberSee that guy on the right of these letters? That is my brother-in-law, my wife’s sister’s husband – AJ Schreiber.

He is the CEO of a company named Chorus, they provide clinical, practice management and financial software for health care providers. His company was written up in CIO magazine yesterday. The article is named, Everyone Works at Home at Chorus, Part One.

How a small software company is saving money, reducing employee stress and improving productivity and customer satisfaction by closing its offices and going virtual. The first of three parts.

Pretty impressive, a three-part series in CIO magazine about his company, on how he moved his company into a virtual office.

Anyway, I am impressed in a few ways.

(1) Many companies are “virtual” or semi-virtual, but he was savvy enough to get CIO write up his company’s pursuit to becoming virtual. The deserves major kudos.

(2) This is not just one article, but seems to be a three-part series.

(3) There are signs on page three, that I might convert AJ not only into a Mac user, like I did in March, but possibly also an iPhone user (like Danny and even Gary Price switched yesterday). On Page three it says:

Most employees already had cell phones, but Chorus put together a policy and expense guidelines for all employees so that they could get BlackBerrys or Windows Mobile-compatible devices to use as a back up in the event their IP Communicator goes down. (Chorus also supports the new 3G iPhone.)

Congrats on the write up and success, but most importantly, the iPhone. 😉

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  1. wife

    Mazal Tov, I am sure your wife is very proud- and the irony of it is, you still travel!!

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