MobileMe & Accounts Wont PushDamn, I just learned from an Apple rep that the only push email available is at a or .mac address!

Here is the chat transcript:

You are chatting with Craig, a MobileMe Support Representative
Hi, my name is Craig. Welcome to Apple!
Barry Schwartz: I have the new iPhone 3G 2.0, I am on MacBook Pro with latest OS updates, I use Apple Mail, I also have mobileme and I am syncing contacts, bookmarks and calendars just fine. But can I also sync and push my gmail account?
Barry Schwartz: hi btw
Craig: Hi Barry, how are you?
Barry Schwartz: good
Craig: Give me just a moment to take a look at your request, please.
Barry Schwartz: k
Craig: Thank you.
Craig: I do know that Gmail offers Push and IMAP email access, but you will have to contact Gmail for that issue. Unfortunately, I can’t provide support or directions for third party email accounts.
Barry Schwartz: on the iphone i mean, right now when i add a calendar event, it automatically is pushed to my iphone
Barry Schwartz: your saying, mobileme won’t support push email for gmail accounts?
Craig: Hold please.
Craig: I’m taking a look for this information. I’m not sure and don’t want to give you an incorrect answer.
Craig: Thanks for your patience.
Barry Schwartz: no problem,
Craig: Thanks.
Craig: I’m sorry for the delay. Thanks for holding. I’m still looking.
Barry Schwartz: no rush
Craig: I appreciate your understanding.
Craig: Barry, it looks like this won’t be possible through MobileMe. If Gmail support Push email, you’ll have to contact Gmail about setting it up with your iPhone. We only support push email through or email addresses.
Craig: You can also consult with iPhone support through AppleCare at 1-800-APL-CARE.
Barry Schwartz: thanks
Craig: You are very welcome, Barry. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Barry Schwartz: that is all
Barry Schwartz: good day

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  1. Tai Kahn

    Not surprising, why would they want to store all your other email accounts in their “cloud”. It’s like asking .mac to store your IMAP accounts for all your other email addresses.

    Once the standards hit the market and everyone from gmail to redhat picks up it, expect to see tons of push “clouds” (servers) out there.


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