So, I just got an email from Apple, confirming the rumors that the Apple stores will also start accepting orders for the iPhone 3G at 8am on July 11th.

Apple iPhone Sale 8am July 11

So, I am still up in the air on sleeping over at the mall or just going to the mall really early on Friday morning. I honestly do not want to sleep over, really. In any event, either way, I am expecting to wait in a line. And part of planning for iPhone day, is what to expect.

So I know that I will wait in a line, I also what to expect once I do get to a sales rep. Just go see and you will see 8am, is when sales begin and credit card, social security number, valid government-issued photo ID and my current wireless account number and password.

But questions I have is what is the proper line waiting rules? If you need to use the bathroom, I assume your place is saved? What about getting a bite to eat? Does anyone know the rules for line waiting?

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