BankI have been talking about remote check deposit for a while. I told you that I was approved for it and then showed you how remote check deposit works on video.

The only issue was that my bank initially told me that I could only hook up my business accounts to it. That was great, because most of my banking was business related. But I still had some personal banking to do. So last night, I sent my bank representative an email, asking if they could please hook up my personal accounts.

Today, I got an email that they can and have done so. So I tested it out and it worked.

I can officially say, I will rarely ever have to go to the bank again. I am sure there will be times where I need to go, i.e. wire transfers, changing account stuff, etc. But for the most part, I will rarely ever have to walk into my bank again.

I love efficiency and convenience through technology.

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  1. Bill Hartzer

    Wow, Barry, when I read the title of this post I had scary visions of you suddenly hoarding $100 bills and storing them in a shoe box under you bed.

    I actually have signed up with a local bank here in Texas that allows you to have “web access” to your account. I’ve requested a password 3 months ago but have never received it. I still get those paper statements every month in the mail.

  2. I shouldn't say

    hi Barry
    Sounds like we are somewhat ahead of you in the UK then. I have been banking remotely for over 10 years personally, well before the Internet, with First Direct, now part of HSBC and have been banking online for nearly as long, with three companies (three seperate banks) my credit cards and even my mortgage and my pension fund.

    HSBC have the best protection… A keyring fob that needs to be physically pressed each time to generate a unique pin number that only works at that point in time.

    Mind you, if my other 238 password all need a keychain fob, I’ll be a bit heavy laden!

  3. John


    Congratulations on getting setup with Remote Deposit Capture! The best is yet to come in this emerging industry which is expected to grow frm just 350,000 locations today to over 5 Million by the end of 2012. Some great features the industry is working on… Complete integration with Quickbooks, MS Money and other accounting programs, the ability to use your current flatbed scanner or even your camera phone to take an image of the check, and near-real-time verification if the check is good, or not.

    If you’d like, please visit for more information on RDC. We’re not a service provider or even a reseller… We’re an information resource for everything RDC. Thanks-

    John Leekley
    Founder & CEO

  4. Nick Stamoulis

    Now THAT is convenience! I thought that “banking” online was great… I only dream of the days where I can deposit my checks in the comfort of my own home. Lucky, lucky man you are Barry. 🙂

  5. Patrick

    Hello Barry;

    Its great to see that you have embraced RDC technology. But what you should know as well as the group is that you dont need to get your banks ok or approval to use this technology.

    If falls under the law of Check21. Yes it is an actual Law.

    So having said that there are a number of software companies that will process these checks..send them to any bank in the US. And your bank literally has nothing to say about it.

    You should check out this inexpensive scanner as well…

    Tell them Pat sent you.

    Good Luck and Good Imaging.

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