The one thing I really hated about the email client in the iPhone was that it did not let you listen to WAV formatted attachments. So, my office voicemail system and home voicemail, which both emailed me my voicemails could only be heard on a computer or via calling into the voicemail.

With the new iPhone 2.0 OS, that has changed. I noticed this soon after I first got the iPhone but I decided to blog it now…

When I get a voicemail, it shows the attachment. I then click, download and once it downloads, I see the file below the email, like in this screen capture:

iPhone Supports Voicemail WAV Files
(Oh, that was Dice calling trying to sell me some programmers. Listing their phone number, I assume, is not a big deal. I am sure if you need coders or IT staff, calling that number will be welcomed.)

Now, click on the file and it will open up QuickTime audio/video player and play the voicemail via the speakers on the iPhone:

iPhone Supports Voicemail WAV Files

This feature alone is awesome!

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  1. Moshe

    I’m getting Quicktime when pushing the file icon attached to the mail, but then Quicktime disappears in less than a second. It looks as Quicktime is not supported or that I do’t have the latest version. I didn’t see it on Appstore. How can I overcome it?

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