iphone-dev-logo.pngUpdate: To be notified when the iPhone Siddur is available, please go here and fill out your email address in the box at the top right of the page. We, RustyBrick, is now an iPhone developer, and the first thing we plan on releasing is a Siddur with a lot of cool features. A siddur is a Jewish prayer book. It is mostly built, but we have a few neat feature we want to add. I’ll blog about that when it is live.

But we are having an issue. The computer that is running the code is bugging out when we try to connect the iPhone to it to load the app directly on the test iPhones. We get an error that reads, “XCRemoteIPhone isBigBear” – yea, descriptive.

Here is a picture:

XCRemoteIPhone isBigBear Apple iPhone Developer

We are not the only ones with this exact error, another developer posted this issue at Apple’s Discussion Forums. I hope we get a response soon.

In the mean time, we keep developing. This Siddur is going to seriously rock.

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  1. mike

    Awesome! Keep up the great work.
    Can you make a module that davens for you?

    I think “XCRemoteIPhone” is Korean for “US Stock Market trend”

    keep up the innovation –

  2. too lazy to blog

    When you say test iPhones, does Apple give you iPhones to test?
    Barry S

  3. mike

    I followed the solution posted in the thread and I’ve gotten past the Big Bear.

    “Completely uninstall Xtools and then do a fresh install”

    documentation suggests:

    To uninstall Xcode Tools on your system, type in a Terminal window:
    $ sudo perl /Developer/Tools/uninstall-devtools.pl

    However, it didn’t work for me. I discovered that I needed to use this path:


    Now, I’m having another error installing HelloWorld. It could be a provisioning issue.

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