New iPhone Siddur Feature Preview

It has been a while since I shared some of the new features we have been working on for the iPhone Siddur. Again, you can see the full feature request list over here. We have not yet released a new version, we are hoping to fine tune this version to a solid 2.0 version. So

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: August 29, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google and Flash, revisited. Negative keyword tool need for Webmaster Tools? Search penalties scare me. Google shows ads under search results. Google updated Java API client. Google and Mozilla renew deal. Ask Kids launches. Search in Pictures shows a Yahoo Safari. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: How Google Handles Flash in 2008, Former


Kosher Places to Eat in Boston

So now that you know what activities we did in Boston, I wanted to share the places we ate. Boston was selected as the destination not only cause it is a fun place and it is not too far, but also because they have kosher places to eat. The majority of kosher places in Boston


AT&T Expands iPhone Data Plans to Israel

Last year, I took my iPhone to Israel, but turned off all data services, while only using WiFi. I was bummed that a year ago, AT&T didn’t support Israel for just the iPhone when traveling. Meaning, they didn’t have a plan you can buy for when you travel to Israel, like they did for the


Noah’s Ark Ginormous Burger Challenge, a Scam?

Last night, I went back to one of my most favorite places to eat, Noah’s Ark – with the family and a close friend. My brother-in-law was there and he was a bit peeved that he did not get what he won from Noah’s Ark. Several months ago, he told me he ate what is


I Went to Cheers & They Knew My Name

The hotel we stayed at was just two-minutes from the famous Cheers bar. Yea, the one from the popular TV show that was on the air for 11 seasons. So, the first day we arrived, we decided to check the original Cheers Beacon Hill out. Here is me at the stairs down to Cheers: When

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: August 27, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google AdWords quality score is messed up. Google changing up their HTML. Google Ad Manager is live to all. Google hides AdSense in cache. FeedBurner got issues. Google asks for popular thread help. adCenter releases new tools. Google Checkout spices up icons. FindLaw gets a PageRank penalty. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google

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Really Huge CITGO Sign

While driving in Boston this week, I noticed a huge CTIGO gas station sign. Why am I telling you about this sign? (1) It is really really really big. (2) It may be bigger than the Amoco sign that I saw in St. Louis a couple years back. So when I spotted it, I made