I woke up this morning and look at my phone and I see the 3G icon at the top left of my iPhone. I rub my eyes and look again, and it is still there. I never ever had 3G in this area, ever. Here is a picture:

3G in My Area

So I leave my home and drive to my next stop and yes, I still have 3G showing up. Email, web browsing, etc seems faster. By this time, it is late enough to text my brother to see if he sees the 3G icon. So I do so.

At first, I thought this had to do with the iPhone 2.0.1 update that I installed last night, but when I asked my brother – he said he didn’t upgrade his phone yet. And yes, he saw the 3G network also.

So now, from my home to my office and probably beyond, I have 3G. That means, I can surf and download faster, but more importantly I can be on the phone and still use the Internet!

Here is a Google Maps view of where I am, technically, I was in the building so the GPS did not work. Also, I am at the lower left corner of this map, not even in the circle (but the 3G does work in this whole map area):

AT&T 3G Now in my Area

I then brought up the AT&T 3G coverage map and it still shows my area as EDGE only, not 3G. Here is a picture:

ATT 3G Network

As a point of reference, the Route 87 in the middle of the AT&T map (going from left to right) coordinates with the two roads (one is green) at the bottom of my Google Maps screen shot. I.e. the roads between Tallman and Monsey is Route 87.

So as you can imagine, I am a very happy camper to have 3G enabled in my area only a few weeks after getting my iPhone. So happy.

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  1. Ron

    How are you finding battery life with 3G ? Is it sucking you dry ? Are you turning off 3G in the office ? I have an iTouch and realized quickly that that WIFI drains the battery fairly quick. I now dimmed the brightness, turn off WIFI when not in need, my battery now lasts significantly longer.

    Still waiting for your iSiddur.

  2. Barry Schwartz

    Honestly, I just had 3G for the past couple hours. 🙂 So I dont know. Plus, I am typically plugged in and on wifi. When driving, I do have a charger for my car. So, I hope to never experience a battery outage. 🙂

    I am still waiting for iSiddur… Trust me, as soon as it is approved by legal, you will know.

  3. Steve

    I live in Nanuet and saw the 3G icon come on last night just after I updated to 2.01. So, I said the same thing maybe the update had something to do with it. I checked my wife’s iphone (still at 2.0) last night around 11:30 and it had 3G. It seems ATT cut over to 3G for parts of Rockland last night. I am very excited to say the least.

  4. Jeffrey

    Hey, Barry,

    Very excited for iSiddur, found your blog via Google. I had to look up Rockland County on Wikipedia today. We have 3G in Kansas City, but I’m in ND right now…just a big E for me till I get home tomorrow!

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