iPhone TehilimUpdate: This is now available at the iTunes Store, more details can be found over here.

We just submitted the iPhone Tehilim (aka Psalms or תהילים) (Wikipedia definition) application to the iTunes store. Note, Apple needs to approve it. So if you want notification of when it is available, make sure to go to the iPhone Tehilim or Psalms page and give us your email address. Everyone will ask, how much? We are charging $0.99, so enjoy!

Here are some screen captures:

iPhone t
By Chapter

iPhone Tehilim
English & Hebrew

iPhone Tehilim
You can pick defaults, i.e. default view (by chapter, by day of month or by day of week) and select language (english, hebrew or both english and hebrew).

Now, I have something to do while waiting for the elevator in the morning and when I need it. 😉

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