Speeding TicketThe most surprising part of the trip, which is over 200 miles one way, probably a total of 500 miles driven the whole trip, was that I did not get one ticket.

I did not get a speeding ticket, I did not get a parking ticket, I did not get a ticket for J-walking.

Before leaving, I warned my wife, that I would be lucky if I did not get at least one speeding ticket. The roads were wide open, mostly straight, conducive to going very fast, without noticing.

I did see several cars pulled over by police cars. I was, fortunately, not one of them. I did use a radar detector the whole way there and back, so that might have helped. I wasn’t going 100mph, but I was not always going the exact speed limit.

I was lucky.

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  1. speeder

    but u had the rador dectector SO ITS ALL GOOD and that is why u didnt get one
    it helps

    And J walking??? have u ever gotten one for that

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