iTunes New AppsNot to complain, but just to point something out… My app went live officially last night, on August 6th. But the application was actually approved on the 4th. So when the contracts were approved on the 6th, the application was marked as “Released” on August 4th.

Since it was officially posted to the iTunes App Store on the 6th, if you were watching “new releases,” in the store in via the unofficial RSS feed, then you would not have know the iPhone Siddur went live. Why? Because my app was on page 7 or so when it was posted to the iTunes Store, not at the top of page 1. Why? Because it was officially approved on the 4th but not legally approved until the 6th.

We submitted the next release of the iPhone Siddur today. So when it is approved, it should make it to the top of the list. The new features can be found in the version history page, it will be worth the wait.

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