We are working on version 2.2 of iPhone Siddur, you can see all past version information if you like. But here, I wanted to demonstrate some of the new features in 2.2.

(1) We changed the user interface of the Luach a bit, and also added Hebrew dates. As you can see, you can select “English,” “Hebrew,” or “Upcoming.”

New iPhone Siddur Luach Layout

Here is the Hebrew view:

New iPhone Siddur Luach Layout

New upcoming view drops the shake feature for a button, it was confusing people. Plus, you can click on a date and the top changes to show more detail:

New iPhone Siddur Luach Layout

Note, horizontal does not work.

(2) Skip/Jump or Font Controls in the Siddur:

Skip & Jump Controls for Siddur

The right or left arrow can either (a) right to left from section to section, (b) left to right from section to section or (c) make the font larger or smaller.

The down arrow will skip you to sub-heading directly in that a section.

Outside of these changes, here are the changes for 2.2:

  • Siddur Jump & Skip navigation controls added
  • Turn off landscape mode option added to settings
  • Luach Modified to allow both “Secular” and “Hebrew” date searches
  • Luach removed Shake for List View and added button, which shows more details
  • Add וידוי for ashkenaz before תחנון for Mondays and Thursdays (only for in Israel)
  • Fixed error in edut hamizrach-shacharit-psukei d’zimra, just before ‘Baruch She’amar’ in “Lamenatseach”
  • Fixed error in edut hamizrach benching, skips last lines of 3rd bracha and first lines of 4th bracha
  • Removed more side borders
  • Added Candle Lighting and Havdalah times for Yom Tovim
  • Settings for “Arrow Behavior” Left-to-Right Sections, Right-to-Left Section, or Font Size
  • Setting for KM or Miles
  • Add email catcher to see if user wants email updates
  • Fix Israeli cities, missing a ton of records
  • Replace Hashem’s name in Edut Mizrach with the full name
  • Upload new GoDaven.com Database

Fun stuff, while this economy and market crashes.

Oh, we just added “Over the internet (air) Minyan Updates.” So in version 2.2 and beyond, all GoDaven.com data can be updated without a new version. We check if you have an active Internet connection, then check to see if there is a new Minyan database update, if there is, we push you the new data without you noticing anything…

Website Comments

  1. Boruch

    This looks great! I’ve been waiting for the reverse lookup. Will there be a way to link from that screen directly to the zemanim? I often want to answer a question like: When is Pesach this year and what time does it start? With version 2.1 and earlier, both parts of this question are difficult to answer. You first have to scroll through the luach to find the first night of pesach and you then have to remember the English date and go find it again in the zemanim. With the new feature, it is easy to find the date. But what about the time?

  2. Boruch

    I just posted the above comment on the group, so you can reply there. Sorry about that.

  3. Ron Jacobs

    Have been using Luach on my Palm specifically to keep track of my Yuretzite dates. When will this option be available for the iphone version. I bought pocket Luach thinking I would have this function and was very dissapointed it wasn’t there or I didn’t know how to access it. Please reply. thanks. ron

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