Daily Search Coverage:

See some really high minimum bids. AdWords API brings back still supports the minimum bid report. Google shows different accessing dates. How long did your reinclusion take? Too many links too quickly? Remove those dud keywords. Does Google monitor landing pages? More answers from Google on SEO. Google launches In Quotes. Google Reader improves. Digg cashes in.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Google AdWords Minimum Bids Reach $100
  2. Google AdWords API Will Support KeywordMinCPC Reporting
  3. Google Webmaster Tools Slower In Reporting Than Google Cache
  4. How Long Did Your Google Reinclusion Process Take?
  5. Can Inbound Links Come in Too Quickly?
  6. Removing Bad Keywords Improves Your Google AdWords Quality Score
  7. Does Google AdWords Monitor Landing Pages?

Search Engine Land Topics:

  1. Google Answers More SEO Questions
  2. Google Launches “In Quotes” Project To Compare US Presidential Candidates
  3. Google Reader Expands Friends Sharing, Tagging, Ordering Feeds & More
  4. Digg To Expand With $28.7 Million In Funding

Daily Link Finds:

Daily Link Finds GraphicThis is the September 24th, issue of a daily post that will contain links to commentary of the posts over at the Search Engine Roundtable. All links I find throughout the day that ad some commentary to the posts written over at the Search Engine Roundtable, will be in the Daily Link Finds. The purpose is two fold: (1) To help people find discussion around our articles and (2) To thank people for linking to us. How do I find these links? Only one way, via a Google Blog Search link command, so make sure that (1) you are in Google Blog Search and (2) link to us.

Daily Link Finds for September 24th, 2008:

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