I am not sure if you noticed, but when you click on an iTunes link from your iPhone, it doesn’t open the App Store anymore. This started happening when Apple posted the 2.1 software update. I noticed it a few times when clicking on a link from an article about an App, and the page not coming up. I brushed it off as a bug with the URL and then forgot to buy those apps.

But it is not a webmaster or App developer issue. It is an Apple issue. I tried this will several links from my iPhone, from several developers, using the LinkShare link or the iTunes Store link, the same issue happens.

When you click on a link, it tries to open it in Safari and send you to the App Store on your iPhone, but it does not. Instead, you get:

iTunes Link Broken on iPhone

If I wasn’t lazy, I would check the useragent and tell any iPhone users to search for the app in the App Store, as opposed to clicking on the link. But I am lazy and I hope Apple just fixes it soon.

But many are complaining about this issue at the Apple Discussions forum.

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