servedLawyers scare me. I admit it. Most things don’t scare me. But lawyers do.

A couple weeks ago, I received a subpoena from a law firm, requesting information about an employee. The thing is, that individual is not an employee, he is an independent contractor. So I called the law firm requesting the information and the assistant told me to just send the lawyer an email that this person is an independent contractor. So I did.

Today, a strange man walked in and handed me a subpoena. I have been served. I have never been served before. So I told this guy that I sent the information via email. He wasn’t interested in talking. I then asked him, nicely, please – just tell me what I should do now.

He said, email them again and also mail them a response. So what I did now was, resend the email, print the email out and mail it to them and also left the assistant a voicemail.

As I am writing this entry, the assistant called me back and said, I don’t need to do anything. They sent the subpoena two ways, one via certified mail and one via messenger. I told her, I want confirmation that we are okay. I don’t want to get in trouble, I said. She said, you won’t get in trouble, they have everything they need. I said, just please reply to my email that we are good. She said they would.

Lawyers make me squirm. Nothing against lawyers, as people, just professionally, they make me feel weird.

And before I hit the “post” button, the assistant confirmed receiving my email and that they don’t need anything else. So I am much relieved.

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    THEY Also scare me
    but that is a very funny story
    would love to see u on trial and all and what u would do

  2. SEOidiot

    Wait till you get a cease and desist from someone big, thats scarey. They even have a click each time they call you so you know they are recording the conversation…. not fun at all!

  3. Leon Schwartz

    I’ve actually had the police visit me once about one of my employees. It seems they had a picture of him and his car involved in a robbery. I said it had to be case of mistaken identity. They questioned him anyway. And that was the end of that.

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