About a month ago, I called Noah’s Ark Ginormous Burger Challenge, a Scam because my brother in law ate the Ginormous burger a year or so ago and never received his crown.

Well, that all changes! Yesterday, my brother-in-law informed me he received his package from Noah’s Ark. It came with:

(1) A letter from the owner of the place, thanking him, apologizing for the delay and so on:

Noah's Ark Ginormous Burger Shirt

(2) A t-shirt, as promised:

Noah's Ark Ginormous Burger Shirt

Noah's Ark Ginormous Burger Shirt

(3) A box of cookies, which I don’t have a picture of, maybe because my brother-in-law already ate them!?

I do wonder if the owner saw this site ranking #1 for Ginormous Burger and then reading the “scam” part and deciding to do something about it? Who knows…

The important thing is, my brother-in-law is now properly crowned for his achievement!

Honestly, now I want to try to do it myself!

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  1. wife

    It’s funny to me that the shirt is red… not so macho. Now the sister in law has a new pajama shirt!

  2. Nick Stamoulis

    Pretty funny that you updated this story 🙂 It’s great that they rectified the situation and now it’s even better for them that they get this kind of PR.

  3. PZ


    Did they ever follow up on the wall of fame because I don’t see any mention of it on their site?

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