It’s Time For Shabbos: iPhone Shabbat Times App

Update: This is now live and can be downloaded for free. More details over here. שבת or Shabbos or Shabbat is the every Friday night through Saturday night. It is basically the time Jewish people don’t do work, we pray, learn, eat and sleep. Shabbos starts and ends at very specific times and it is

Just Interesting

How Perfect Cut, Cuts Down a Tree

Remember when I cut down my tree? Well, I wasn’t there to watch it. But my office building people had to cut down a big tree, and they used the same company I used. Here is a video of some of the process:

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 12, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Don’t bother with link building. adCenter to add features to desktop editor. Is Google or the Tribune to blame for United Airline’s stock price drop? AdWords to do maintenance tomorrow. Mayer speaks on the future. Google Germany drops video porn. Google tests new webmaster tools verification process. Live Search adds a fourth

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 11, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Don’t go less than 20 miles! Google Sitemaps priorities are not so important? When will Yahoo release an editor? Get those best pages for link building. The SEO Squares cartoon rocks. Google, please crawl all my pages. Google gives SEO tips. iProspect buys Range. Marissa talks about the future of search. Search


School Buses Are Out, Clogging The Roads

This week, in the mornings, I have been swarmed by school buses. I was able to take this picture while stopped at a light, of a school bus in front of me and also behind me (look in the rear view mirror): They just slow me down and it is upsetting. But I guess education