Get Rich! Give Me $40k & You’ll Make $350k

I detest these types of calls. Hey, how you doing today!?!!? AHHH!!!HH!H!H!H! A company named Magna Resources called me today to tell me that they can make my $40,000 into ~$350,000. This guy asked, “are you interested?” So my response was similar to my response to the Do You Want To Improve Your Business &

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 10, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Advertisers wait on Google’s quality score. Politics and SEO are here. Google’s missing images. Google Large Hadron Collider logo and Teacher’s Day logo. Google’s API has issues with image creation. Do you Google yourself. Is the search results extinct? Google on negative SEO. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google AdWords Advertisers Anxiously Wait


Apple Issues First iPhone Developer Payouts via iTunes Connect

This morning we received emails form Apple that they have issued some of our financial reports for the past month, August 2008. Here is a screen capture of the reports currently available in iTunes Connect: They issue a report for every currency, I guess. And more are coming in. I am not sure if this


New iPhone Siddur Demo in QuickTime & YouTube

We just published a QuickTime demo of the iPhone Siddur. You can view the demo within the iPhone look, at this page or on your iPhone or iPod Touch on this page (clicking it will open QuickTime on your iPhone). Just click the iPhone graphic, “launch video.” If you don’t have QuickTime, then here is

Just Weird

I’ve Been Served

Lawyers scare me. I admit it. Most things don’t scare me. But lawyers do. A couple weeks ago, I received a subpoena from a law firm, requesting information about an employee. The thing is, that individual is not an employee, he is an independent contractor. So I called the law firm requesting the information and

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 9, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Your sitelinks may not match. Google’s code for the verification string. Google search news print. Do you spam forums? Use those redirects to move to a new domain. Google is communicating. Should you submit a reinclusion request? Google News brings down United Airlines. Google helps Africa connect. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Why

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 8, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: My video recap is live. Was Google’s birthday yesterday? Do you dream about Matt? Yahoo Search is updating. Google Maps misses some license plates. Google partners with Satellite provider. Duplicate meta tag issues? Live Search updates local listing center. Google for a day competition launches for the Swiss. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: