Rosh Hashanah Time: The iPhone Shofar

We are now pushing out these applications like wild fire… Next up, in time for Rosh Hashanah, is a Shofar for your iPhone or iPod Touch. A Shofar is a type of horn used by Jewish people during the month before the Jewish New Year and on Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) and Yom


Introducing The iPhone/iPod Touch Parking Meter Aid

Wanted to let you guys know that we release a new iPhone or iPod Touch app named the iPhone Parking Meter. It has several features, including a timer countdown, camera snap shots, location notes, GPS tracker, vibration alert (only when app is open), SMS Alert (3rd party fees may apply), some neat graphics and, of

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 5, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Don’t let your products stock you out of the search results. Google Chrome won’t beat IE according to most SEOs. Shine and sparkle, say most SEOs. Search community shares their browser stats. Google adds geographic report. Private domain name registration won’t hurt you. Microsoft does TV ad with Gates and Seinfeld. Search


I Write Fast: 2,500 Word Manual in ~30 Minutes

Many of you know that I am a very fast story writer. Sometimes too fast where I make mistakes, but often, I do an okay job. At least I think so… In any event, I just wrote a 2,500 word help document for the iPhone Siddur. I wrote the whole document within about 30 minutes.

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 4, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Lack of PageRank information on Chrome may be a sign. Ask is Google ad happy. Web Position Gold is back! Twitter drops bio links. This SEO is under construction. Google webmaster report is live. AdWords added geographic report. adCenter UK offers a promotion. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Does Chrome Signal The Removal


Sad: My Incase iPhone Case Ripped

I am a bit sad. My trusty iPhone Case, the Incase iPhone 3G Protective Cover ripped this morning. Here is a picture: Here is a picture from the back: I love this case, I had a similar one for my original iPhone. It basically sticks, sticks to my dashboard, stays put in my breast pocket


Don’t Ask Me: Do You Want To Improve Your Business & Profits?

So I get a cold call from some type of company. Not this time it is not a programming outsourcing firm from India or a magazine subscription. The nice sounding woman asked if I have 15 minutes to learn how her company can improve my business, profits and team synergy. I said, “no.” Basically, no,

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 3, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google AdSense slips on Canadian exchange rate. Searches at Google love Yahoo, and at Yahoo love Google. Yahoo Site Explorer drops links? Google Maps brings back reordering destinations. Google images being filtered again. Chrome gets a Google Groups area. SEOs and refunds, do they exist? Microsoft bluffs on free ads, while Google


AT&T Network Outage Affected Me

Thousands of people like me, with an iPhone in the Northeast, were without our mobile connectivity this morning, due to an AT&T Wireless outage. There is tons and tons of coverage on the news. What happened? DSL Reports has a statement from AT&T: There was a routing issue affecting some wireless data use in the

Just Interesting

Want to Adopt a Cat?

Last night, I saw this poster hanging in the elevator of my office building. Yea, this cat owner wants to get rid of his/her cat. Clearly, he/she is looking for a great new home for his/her cat. I wonder if she is targeting our building for a reason or if this sign is all over