This week, in the mornings, I have been swarmed by school buses. I was able to take this picture while stopped at a light, of a school bus in front of me and also behind me (look in the rear view mirror):

School Buses

They just slow me down and it is upsetting. But I guess education is important. 🙂

I don’t have the school bus issue on the way home. But in the mornings I do. In the past, I did not have this issue either. I use to get into the office at 6:30 am or so. But now, I am not getting in, until 7:00 am, which means, I hit the school bus traffic.

Since we are on the topic of my schedule. It turns out that I am not waking up later. Instead, I get up earlier, work in bed for about an hour before I leave the house at 6:20ish to go to morning prayer services. I then leave from there to work. The schedule is working out nicely, so far.

Oh, the red dot under my rear view mirror, is my red bull. I’ll blog about that bull later, but it has no relation to the Red Bull car I saw a while back.

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  1. busses

    yes the buses are sooo annoying

    i learnt if i dont leave my house by 740 i will get stuck behind 2 or 3 buses and they stop at every single corner

    ANNOYING but u are right education is important

  2. wife

    To “busses”- there is no such word as ‘learnT’- learnED- maybe you should follow those buses! 🙂 What can I say, I am in the field of speech and language, that stuff gets to me.

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