Here at RustyBrick, we can’t have enough fun in the day. The latest example is our coders love of Red Bull (not Kosher). When they are done with a can, they rip off the tab at the top and then place it on the window. This is about a month-plus of drinking red bull, between 3 coders.

Red Bull Can Wall

RustyBricker, Jimmy Mancusi is the man behind this experiment and he is the guy in the picture.

Their goal is to create two full walls of red bull cans. Use the sugar free cans, the lighter cans, to write an R and B (not for Red Bull, but for RustyBrick). That would be cool. ETA until the RB Red Bull wall is about 2 more months, if I had to guess.

Who knows, maybe when Red Bull sees this, they will stop by in the Red Bull Car to visit us.

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  1. VNL

    That’s awesome. By the way, Red Bull is definitely kosher. We called their consumer hotline once to ask and they faxed the certificate.

  2. Cordula

    Red bull is kosher. I worked for them. I had the old certificate but by now there’s a new one I’m sure. You can get it from them. Oh I see someone else said that. Anywho, I’ll see if I can get you a Red Bull Suprize.. 😉

  3. chris

    Hey i made my wall last year with over 60 cans. i feel an idiot as i didnt take any pictuers. but i assure its a hole lot of fun

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