bankYesterday, I decided to start tracking the online reputation of my bank.

I went to Google News and subscribed via RSS to my banks long name, short name and stock ticker. I am not running to the bank to take out my money and put it under my bed, but I do want to stay informed on the health of the places that holds my money.

You should do the same! Let me show you how, if you don’t know how…

Step 1: Go to Google News
Step 2: Enter your bank’s name in the search box (have short names and other names, don’t worry, go with one name for now). I’ll enter in bank of america as an example.
Step 3: Subscribe to the search results via RSS or Email. To subscribe via RSS, right click on either “RSS” or “Atom” on the left hand column and copy the URL. Then go to your RSS reader and copy it in your add subscription area. If you prefer email, just click on “News Alerts” on the left hand side and follow those steps.
Step 4: Add your bank’s other names and stock ticker to Step 2 and repeat Step 2 and 3 again.

I don’t think we have to worry about a bank run. But it always makes sense to stay on top of companies you work with and companies that you have money with, even if they are FDIC insured.

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