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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 31, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Microsoft cuts back support hours. Microsoft hijacks Yahoo. AdWords updates quality score. Google scans PDFs with OCR technology. AdSense is worried about the economy. Google opens new forums. We mention politics, people jump us. Google allows beer ads now. Search in Pictures features a Yahoo astronaut. Happy Halloween! Search Engine Roundtable Topics:


LinkedIn Removed My Profile Photo!

I received an email from Kana at LinkedIn, saying my photo is in violation of LinkedIn’s profile photo guidelines. Thus they have removed my photo and asked me to upload a new one. See, here is a screen capture of my photo being removed: This is a copy of their email they sent me: The

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 30, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google posts recap of webmaster chat sessions. I spotted hacked AdWords ads. Keep your links with tracking URLs. Yahoo gains according to comScore. Old news is showing up in Google. Google webmaster tools is bugging out. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google’s Third Webmaster Chat Recap Now Live Google AdWords Hacked Ads In

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Political Email Forwards on the Rise

I cannot stand receiving email forwards, you know, those joke emails that people send to each other. Chain emails with jokes or things you must do for good luck. I can’t stand them! In fact, I am the type of guy that has the nerve to email anyone back who sends it to me with

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 29, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google eats up more than a 100 links. Google Alerts adds RSS feeds. Google does Search Wiki. Google screws Indian publishers again. AdWords API wigging out. ICRA supported by Google? Link build like a girl. adCenter upgrades. SEO blueprinting. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google Can Process More Than a 100 Links Per


Some of the iPhone Siddur Buzz

Below are some of the articles, blog posts and discussions I found around the iPhone Siddur since we launched it. If you have ways of getting more buzz out to the appropriate market, please do. Siddur now available for iPhone, Jerusalem Post Siddur available for iPhone, JTA Get your prayer on…the iPhone, jew-ish.com El Siddur


A Good Kind of Know It All Prospect

I had a meeting today with a prospect that really knew it all. He wanted a custom site but when I showed him things and he showed me things, he really seemed to simply know it. He actually even came to the meeting with the core components of the site in HTML and CSS. It

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 28, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: SEOs should have a degree in marine biology. AdSense testing coupon ads? IIS is a redirect nightmare. Which AdSense unit is bad for you? Get those religious links. Does Google hate WordPress? Ask your questions to AdWords. Google Product Search adds taxonomy. Gmail does gadgets. Google Reader shows subscription stats. Microsoft launches


The Kosher Toothbrush

My parents went to Israel over the holidays and they came back with a present for their youngest son (ahem, that is me). What did they get me? A “kosher” or “shabbos” toothbrush. The product was designed by Kosher Innovations. They make shabbos lamps, shabbos alarm clocks and more. Because of the strict rules for


LogMeIn.com for iPhone : Damn Cool

Spotted via iPodNN.com, LogMeIn.com, a free computer sharing app, like GoToMyPC.com, is now beta testing an iPhone app that allows you to remotely use your computer via your iPhone. You can apply for the beta program over at logmein.com/IgnitionPreview, I have applied. I rarely use LogMeIn anymore, I prefer Remote Desktop and I can use