I received an email from Kana at LinkedIn, saying my photo is in violation of LinkedIn’s profile photo guidelines. Thus they have removed my photo and asked me to upload a new one.

See, here is a screen capture of my photo being removed:
LinkedIn Remove my Photo

This is a copy of their email they sent me:

The photo has been removed for the following reason:
The picture is in violation of the LinkedIn Photo Policy.

LinkedIn provides the opportunity for users to upload a photograph to assist other members in recognizing that person. As a professional networking site, there are guidelines to determine which types of photos are appropriate. We consider a photo appropriate as long as it does not contain content that is copyrighted or unauthorized for public distribution and does not contain offensive content. Additionally, if your photo is not an image of yourself or does not contain an actual photograph, it is considered inappropriate. Your photo has been flagged for inappropriate elements and has been removed from your profile.

You are certainly welcome to upload a different photo of yourself to remedy this situation. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at customer_service@linkedin.com.

So, my photo is not an actual photograph of myself and that is “inappropriate.”

I guess I can understand that, but my cartoon image is my “icon.” I use it for all my social profiles. What a shame.

If you haven’t connected with me on LinkedIn, please do so – here is my profile link.

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  1. Seri

    I’m with you – my cartoon represents me so much better than my picture. I am simply not photogenic. Yes, I could probably get a great picture if I was willing to spend a lot of money (and get a makeover), but why? My cartoon (which is actually a great likeness of me) is so much better.

    Let’s hope LinkedIn loosens up…

  2. Chris M

    I think linkedin are perfectly entitled to do that. It is their site and you choose to use it, live with it or move on.
    As to the person who feels “violated”….get a grip!

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