Monday, I received a warm letter from the New York City Department of Finance. The letter said I was late in paying a parking ticket that I received on August 7th.

I scratched my head… I don’t remember getting a parking ticket in the past year or so. So I then opened my calendar to see if I had any meetings in NYC. I did not. I then checked my email for the same thing and I did not have any meetings in NYC that day. I then asked my wife, but she never drives to the city herself.

The location as 73rd 1st Avenue. I pulled up Google Maps Street Views to see if it might remind me of anything:

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Nope, I don’t think I ever parked that far down on the east side.

So I decided to call NYC yesterday. They said, I need to write them a letter telling them that I was not there. They also informed me that I can download the ticket over here, so I did that.

The plate number the cop wrote down was illegible. The second letter looks like a B, S or and R. The car the cop wrote was for a blue jeep, I do not own a blue jeep.

So I wrote them a letter, mailed in my car registrations and told them I was not there.

I heard some horror stories about people getting these claims and it leading to NY suspending their licenses. Hope that doesn’t happen to me.

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  1. No Name

    I almost got my license suspended in Florida for something similar; I received a letter saying that I hadn’t payed a ticket related to an expired tag — the funny thing is that the car that the dum-ss officer wrote wasn’t even my car, nor I ever visited the place where I supposedly got the ticket. It took me months to clear this crap and endless phone calls and letters. You’d think these “officers” would at least be required to know how to write before getting their jobs. Good luck!

  2. Guilty/Non - Guilty

    That’s common compared to my case… I got a parking ticket in NYC this month (Dec 09). The lady parking enforcement officer direct handed over the parking ticket(Summon) to me for waiting in a no-standing zone for 2 mins. I was really pissed-off with her attitude.

    Came home and observed the parking ticket closely front and back to check the due date etc. Then I noticed, she mention all incorrect Vehicle details and issue a ticket.

    So interesting part is ‘Plate number’ is correct but the ‘State’ info is incorrectly mention. Now i’m in a buzz mode to pay or no-pay the ticket…..

    When I check the ticket status online with ‘Ticket No.’ I was able to view all the ticket info, due date and amount. But, when I search my ticket with Vehicle info with the actual state, I do see any tickets assigned to my Car.

    Any advices here, I checked with many of my friends, no one suggests me to pay this ticket.

    Can you help me on advising in this situation, if any unknown problem in future if I miss to pay this…..

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