RegusMost of this week, I will be in St. Louis, by the in laws for the holidays. Yes, I go offline again, tonight through Wednesday night (it hurts but I do it).

In any event, the family flew in yesterday and my brother-in-law and I decided to grab an office so we can work in peace. So I went to AMEX and found a Regus location in St. Louis. Specifically, the CityPlace Location.

This morning, we drove over in a hybrid to the office. We got here about 8:15am, later than we wanted to, and no one was here to greet us. So we waited about 10 minutes until someone came in and acted concerned that we were not helped. It was cool. We got a private office to share, it is pretty big. Has fast internet and we are off to working.

How much? $75 per day – for the whole day. Well worth it! I would do this again!

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  1. Brother-in-Law

    And soda from the soda machine only costs 60 cents!!!

    It doesn’t get any better than this…

  2. Skitzzo

    Rusty, I’m sure family stuff will take up most if not all of your time but if you can/want to grab a bite to eat or something hit me up while you’re in the area. Would be good to finally meet you!

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