FiOS TV Remote DVR Now Available!

Last night, I turn on my TV and I see a message from Verizon. It said that I can now enjoy programming my DVR from my computer or a wireless device. I immediately stopped everything and read on. I followed the instructions and configured my Verizon account to control my DVRs. In short, you control


I Live In The Safest Community in America

The Rockland Journal News reports that the Town of Ramapo is the safest community in the United States for 2008-09, according to the FBI crime statistics. It is a bit ironic, being that my wife is from St. Louis, which was rated the most dangerous city in 2006. Now, St Louis is 4 places safer


Loving MacBook’s Multi-Touch Trackpad: Here is Why

I’ve been up and running on my new MacBook Pro for just under two weeks now. Let me tell you… I am loving the new multi-touch trackpad with the new gestures. I use both a left click and right click feature. I am a huge user of the two finger scroll, it is incredibly useful

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: November 26, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Save tons of money on holiday shopping. SEOs obsess on site command. Google expands automatic matching? Will we get a Google holiday gift? Google lays off contractors. Google improves street views. YouTube goes wide screen. Yahoo rocks in Japan. Yahoo does vertical lenses. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: See How To Save 25%

Daily Grind

Excused From Jury Duty for ~6 Years – Yipee!

I was dreading having to serve Jury Duty, dreading it. Why? Well, I was actually interested in learning from the experience, but it would have meant me getting to my office at 4am every day, leaving for Jury duty at 8:30am, then coming back to the office at 5pm and staying until 10pm – for


Hebrew Keyboard for iPhone Mail Client

One of the top requests is to build a Hebrew keyboard. The Hebrew keyboard is not officially supported by Apple yet, so we built one based on an image. Why is this important? Now, people can type, email and search in Hebrew. Well, kind of at least. Our first app that supports the hebrew keyboard


Screen Shots of Siddur 2.7 Changes

A lot of people who are interested in the changes we make to the iPhone Siddur also want to see screen captures. So, we just released version 2.7, which will likely be available for download by the end of the week. Changes include: * Changes Location Manager to Scroll Wheel * Zmanim & Minyanim use