Rockland County Jury SummonsI was dreading having to serve Jury Duty, dreading it. Why? Well, I was actually interested in learning from the experience, but it would have meant me getting to my office at 4am every day, leaving for Jury duty at 8:30am, then coming back to the office at 5pm and staying until 10pm – for the whole week.

So when I rescheduled my Jury duty, I picked the week of Thanksgiving. Why, well as I assumed then, it “should be somewhat slow.” Well, I got lucky and I did not have to serve.

I checked the court web page every day after 5:30pm to see if I had to come. Each day it said, no new jurors needed, please check back tomorrow to see if I need to come the next day. So I checked Friday at 5:30, Monday at 5:30 and last night at 5:30. Each night said the same thing, except last night.

Last night said I am off and off for the next 6 years or so.

Jury call for Wednesday – Friday, November 26-28, 2008. Those jurors who kept their commitment by calling every evening or checking this web site, but were never requested to appear, please mail your summons Part A to: Rockland Jury Department, 1 South Main Street, Suite #250, New City, NY 10956, within 1 week and write on the summons, “NOT NEEDED”, and we will consider it good service. If it is not received within 1 week, you will get another date randomly assigned to you. You will also be excused from serving in Justice Court for 6 years and Federal Court for at least 4 years. If in the future, you get a summons from another court and you require proof, just call us and we’ll be happy to mail it to you.

We’ve enjoyed working with you and on behalf of the staff, County of Rockland & State of New York, we thank you.

I enjoyed working with you as well!

I mailed out the details as specified and I should be set for a while now, at least I hope.

Glad it worked out, cause I had a client who really wanted me to ditch Jury Duty to meet. 🙂

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  1. thomas dobias

    im scheduled for jury service on the 28th of august 2009

    at the bellflower court house & i would like tobe excused
    im not to sure if i could be an good juryer. and id very

    much to have name removed of the mailing list will

    the court do that for me?

    please write me back at thomas dobias 9529 boak st apt 3
    bellflower ca90706

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