Figured I do a single blog post to tell you what is on my mind today, maybe I’ll expand them out in the future.

For the past few months, since the financial bubble, I have been listening to Bloomberg Radio. Very depressing, to say the least.

In any event, first I hear Citigroup is laying off 50,000 workers. I think to myself, this is not going to be a good day. The market then skids the 8200 levels after it opens.

Then I see the SEC is charging Blogger and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban with insider trading related to sales of

Some correction in the markets, I think. But sad news, why why why….

Then I read that the top executives at Goldman do something right, they say, no bonuses for us in 2008.

More correction in the markets.

Now, the markets are rising a bit, now only down about 50 points for the day.

During this time, I spend an hour on the phone with Verizon about them not really signing me up for the FiOS triple play. So I am being billed $80 too much every month. This is the fourth time I called them about this. Each time, they said they got me on the plan this time and they have not. So I sign up again. This time, I am in a one year plan, for $94 per month. Let’s see if they give me the plan and the credits I am suppose to get.

The good news, is they tell me I can now upgrade to the multi-room DVR option, since originally they did not support HD TVs. So I am hoping this actually works when I get home. It should be activated remotely.

Oh, got my new MacBook Pro up and running Saturday night. I used migration assistant, that took about 3 hours to run and when the computer popped on, it worked like my old, just faster. A few things did not transfer over, such as my printers and VPN info, but so far, no hiccups yet…

I think that is about it for today at 1ish.

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  1. lokipro

    I’ve found that having them email me what they’ve discussed helps when they continue to screw up. Sprint tried to put me in collections until I sent them an email from one of their employees that stated I owed nothing! 🙂 Never had another problem…

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