I finally got it! My MacBook Pro arrived at my office yesterday. Today, I am back from Vegas, so I was able to unbox it. Yes, I have been waiting for it since April and finally ordered it in mid October and only received it now, about a month later. Why did it take so long? Well, it was a custom order. Here is a slide show of the first part of unboxing.

I am now backing up my old machine on Time Machine and will try the Migration Assistant from a Time Machine backup, if that works.

It looks so sweet!

The biggest difference is the boxes. The big black box is from my MacBook Pro from 3 editions ago (so I have a new one, then the one I am migrating off of now, and I had one before this one): Look at the difference:

MacBook Pro Box New vs. Old

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  1. wife

    Mazal Tov, you should use it with much success. It’s not as pretty as the other one 🙂

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