Who’s Praying With the iPhone Siddur?

Remember I talked about the social release of the iPhone Siddur? Well, it was finally approved yesterday and the map feature is working. The below screen shot shows who is actively using the iPhone Siddur across the world. Note, this screen shot was from yesterday and many folks have yet to update to 3.0 and

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: December 31, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Toolbar PageRank has been updated. AdWords requiring two logins. Google tries Lively, one last time. Child Care site showing porn suggestion. Google got a product ideas engine. Google pushing fat ads. Danny smacks down Microsoft. Do tough SEO? Google’s Mayer may be leaving Google? Google Product Search gains momentum. Search Engine Roundtable


My Verizon Phone Saga

This blog post is mostly so I remember what happened when. But it might be some what comical to you. On 12/11 a guy named John Leveroni convinced me that he would save me money by switching me back to Verizon from my current provider of business telephone service. After having all the paper work


Gonna Be a Bad Winter?

The snow is really coming down now. I think about five inches is expected in Suffern, where I am right now. When I got to work, it was a clear sky – so when RBers started walking in complaining about the snow, I was shocked. I have a feeling it is going to be a


I’m Pregnant With My First Child: Well, My Wife Is

I have pretty big news that I am finally able to share with you all. I am pregnant. Well, I’m technically not pregnant, but my wife is, so we are pregnant. This would be my first child and I am incredibly excited. Not sure if you Twitter followers remember, but back on September 4th I

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: December 30, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google shows porn too much. Did you see Smart Positioning from AdWords? Got duplicate content? Take the search quiz. Ask for links. Are copywriters not honest? NY Times sued for linking. Microsoft updates earth data. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google’s Strict Image Search Less Strict Than Moderate Option Google AdWords Smart Positioning


Why Adam Fogle Shouldn’t Blog

This guy named Adam Fogle wrote a blog post named Why the iPhone should die in his new blog. The post explains how my iPhone New Years horn is one of the many reasons the iPhone should die. Okay, so he doesn’t like the new years horn. Personally, I think it is a nice free


First Wii Experience

I have been a Wii virgin until this past week. My nieces received a Wii from their parents for Chanukah. So of course, my brother-in-law were eager to play. So for the first time ever, I played the Wii. I played Wii Tennis, Wii Baseball, Wii Bowling, Wii Golf and Wii Boxing. I find all

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: December 26, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Happy Holidays from the search industry, we got the logos! Googlers are working over the holidays. AdSense publishers noticing a drop in revenue. Are PRWeb links bad? is hot! Is Google going to monetize Friend Connect? Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Happy Holiday ’08 From The Search Engine Industry Very Valuable Parked