Weird Graphics Issue on MacBook ProAs you know, I got my new MacBook Pro and that means, my old one is was sent to Apple for repair.

The old one use to randomly just stop working, and freeze up. I think it was due to some type of over heating, but I never confirmed that. I know there were virtual screen cracking on both monitors, when I used it and that issue became more and more apparent as time went on.

So we sent the old MacBook to the Apple store and they were unable to fix it. So we called Apple Support and they understood our issue. They mailed us a box and we sent it to them on Friday. This morning, at about 9:30am, we received the laptop back – yea, they worked on it over the weekend and shipped it to us on Saturday. I assume they expedited it, cause I am an Apple ProCare member.

They really didn’t say what the issue was, all they said was that they replaced the following parts:

630-7754 PBCA, 2.16GHZ, 256VRAME(M1-RP) MBP 15″
603-7893 FAN ASSY,RT,M1
603-7892 FAN ASSY,LT,M1

Seems to me an issue with maybe over heating? HEATPIPE, FAN, TEMP, and then something with the motherboard maybe?

We will give the computer a major test this week to see if it is completely operational.

If so, it goes to my brother, and then my brother’s goes to my nephew.

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  1. StojaICT

    Pls my apple laptop has similar problem. can apple store help. where can i find one in africa

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