WiiI have been a Wii virgin until this past week. My nieces received a Wii from their parents for Chanukah.

So of course, my brother-in-law were eager to play. So for the first time ever, I played the Wii. I played Wii Tennis, Wii Baseball, Wii Bowling, Wii Golf and Wii Boxing. I find all the games very enjoyable, minus boxing. Boxing just didn’t seem to move with you to well – or maybe I am just really bad.

Of course, there we made a Wii character (not sure what they are called) for me. It actually looked pretty much like me. To be honest, I think making me into a cartoon these days, isn’t too hard, especially since you can slap on a goatee. Maybe I’ll get a screen capture of the Wii me, or whatever it is called. Just looked them up, they are called “Mii“. You can build your own at MiiWare.com.

In any event, it is an addictive game console.

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  1. Adam Snider

    The best thing about the Wii is that it seems to be fun for all ages. My parents, both in their early 50s, just bought a Wii for themselves this Christmas. I had a lot of fun playing it when I visited.

    I agree with you that Wii Boxing didn’t seem to really move as well as I would have wanted it to. But, then again, maybe we’re both just really bad at it.

  2. Karl Ribas

    Those cartoon replicas of you are called “Miis”.

    I love the Wii. My goal is to become a Wiilete (like athlete but with Wii in front of it) where I have a pro-rating in all sports. Thus far, I have baseball and bowling out of the way.

    What can I say… I’m a geek.

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