cool kidsLast night, I was with a group of people, 10+, who work in the building. Either they work for other companies in the building or they own the company.

In any event, one guy said – I wish I could just hang out with you (RustyBrick) for a day. He added something like, “you guys seem like real fun, cool guys and do cool things there.”

I laughed, almost saying most of our work is boring web software.

But then I looked around and saw who I am comparing RustyBrick to. The type of businesses in my office building include lawyers, mortgage brokers, doctors, recruiters, and so on.

If I had to say, RustyBrick is probably the coolest company in the building. But that doesn’t say much. It is nice to know that people think so, at least.

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  1. Eric Pender

    Sometimes I think this is less about what you do, and much more about how you do it.

    Everyone is going to be interested in different things, sometimes financial stuff, sometimes HR stuff, and in our case Internet stuff. But if you can have fun with what you do, and work with other people who have fun at work, then people are going to see that. On the other hand, if you work in a company where people really just work to collect the paycheck and go home, then that’s going to show through in the energy level and the excitement (not to mention the quality of work). This may be a testament to hiring the “right people” more than anything else.



    LIKE U SAID u are comparing yourself to docs, lawyers, mortgage and RECRUITERS
    anyone is cooler than that.

    but dont be thrilled of the COOL status becuase if anyone else moves in and i mean anyone they will outrank you in coolness right away

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