This guy named Adam Fogle wrote a blog post named Why the iPhone should die in his new blog. The post explains how my iPhone New Years horn is one of the many reasons the iPhone should die.

Okay, so he doesn’t like the new years horn. Personally, I think it is a nice free thing for new years. In fact, ZDNet, who covered it over here and said, it “is a fun little iPhone app to help you ring in 2009.” He then added it is “the perfect combination of silly and free.”

Okay, so I have no problem with someone blogging that they find the app annoying or pointless. I understand that you can’t win them all. So why should Adam stop blogging? Well, he went as far as to write, “some jackass went and created…” People need to learn, learn big time, how to earn trust and gain subscribers. Get some integrity and then some intelligence.

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  1. Chris_D

    Clearly, Adam is an 24 year old account manager arseclown, and not a technology pundit, or a web developer. He probably doesn’t even own an iPhone. Otherwise, he would be more focussed on the real iPhone issues – like total lack of a “cut & paste” capability; no phone lists (except ‘favourites’)

    Clearly it’s Adam the Arseclown day. Laughable & detestable – and his opinion is worthless….

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