Meeting Israel’s Best SEOs Gilad, Branko & Many Others

I had the opportunity to meet many SEOs while in Israel this trip. I met with RankAbove, I met with 30+ folks at the Jerusalem Web Professionals group and today I met with some of my favorite Israeli SEOs, Gilad Sasson and Branko Rihtman (aka neyne / SEO Scientist). Gilad came all the way from


Touring Yad Eliezer – Wonderful Charity in Israel

A month or so ago, we signed a deal (well, there were no signatures), to re-create the image and coding of Yad Eliezer‘s web site. I had the privilege with meeting with the family who runs the American operations and initiatives in my New York office. They described all the things they do for Israel,


Beware: I’ve Got a Twitter Impersonator

Guys, a couple of hours ago, some guy or gal registered the the id “rustybrick_” at Twitter. He/She then began going around to those who follow me and following them. In return, this rustybrick_ now has 36 followers, thinking they are following me and they are not. Then this person posts a single twit, about


Pictures of Google’s Tel Aviv Office

I’ll do a larger write up on the Google Tel Aviv office later, but I wanted to share pictures of the office with everyone. I was actually surprised by how “Googlish” the office was in Tel Aviv. Here is a slideshow:


It Is a Place to Dispose of Bombs (בור בטחון)

Yesterday, I asked you to guess what this is a picture of and Charlie Kalech got it right. It is what is called a בור בטחון which means a place to dispose of bombs. Here is a picture, again: This one sits about 10 feet from the grave site of Rachel, more on that over


Guess What This Is…

Here is a picture at one of the holy sites I visited. Now, I had no idea what it was until I was told. Let me give you context. It is positioned indoors, about 10 feet from a holy grave site. Take a guess and comment on what you think it is… I’ll come on


Meet Me (Non Cartoon Version of Barry) In Jerusalem Israel

I wrote this in my weekly recap, but just in case you missed it… I am in Israel now and I am going to a Jerusalem Web Professionals meetup this Wednesday night at 8pm. If you want to meet up with us, that would be cool. 🙂 I believe you need to register at either

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: January 21, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Google got hives? Google not paying publishers again. Google Blog search’s issues continue. Get Listed launches. Google Maps has driving direction issues. Google closes down print ads. I give a quick update on the current state of SEO. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google’s Hyves PageRank Loophole? Check If Site Has Google Penalty