Israel 2008The picture here is me, getting my last Internet puff before taking off, on a past flight.

Being without Internet on a flight longer than an hour drives me nuts. I am the type of guy who would pay a hundred bucks, easily, for Internet on flights over two hours. For my flight that is coming up now, it is over 10 hours to Israel and 12+ hours on the way back.

I don’t think my flight offers inflight Internet, in fact – I am 99.999% confident they do not. So, minutes before take off, I will be franticly using my iPhone, getting every last minute of US internet I can get, before take off.

Then, when I land, the first thing I do, is turn on my iPhone and start downloading the hundreds of emails. I am not looking forward to that process, after a ten hour flight on a business day. But you do what you can do.

I do hope that the in seat power works to keep my devices charged fully. I do plan on watching a movie on my computer or iPhone, so we will see.

Here is to safe travels!

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  1. Keri Morgret

    I presume you also have some way of making a local copy of your RSS feeds so you can get through any backlog on the plane? I still don’t envy you!

  2. Adam Snider

    My advice would be to at least try to relax and just enjoy the quite hours away from the business of the Internet during your flight. You’ll have a big backlog when you land, I’m sure, but try not to think about it.

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