In September, I showed you how some of the RustyBrickers are working towards a very big goal. The goal was to build a wall of red bull cans and now that goal has finally been achieved.

They filled the whole window with cans. Here is a before shot:

Red Bull Can Wall

Here are the proud developers (excluding some who didn’t want to be in the picture) after the wall was completed:

Wall of Red Bull

Here is a close up picture of just the cans:

Wall of Red Bull

Congrats on achieving this tremendous goal. Wait until you see what is next!

Update: Red Bull stopped by in their Red Bull car to deliver Red Bull for free!

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  1. Brian

    Drinking all of that Red Bull can’t possibly be healthy. Besides that, it takes horrible.

  2. Kien

    The Great Wall of Bull! I’m inspired to do the same at work and will being using monster cans. Did you use anything to hold each can together (tape/glue/bubble-gum) or are they just stacked?

  3. Jimmy

    Glad everyone is enjoying our redbull wall. For Kien, there is nothing holding them together, but if you want to attempt a similar task remember to pop off the tabs. We had a soda can wall that was only about 1/3 of the height but we didn’t pop the tabs and the wall got very unstable. So on this wall every tab was removed (and remember you can always donate tabs for charity, schools do that a lot I think)… It will be a while for whats coming next, but it will be worth it! 🙂

  4. Jimmy's Dad

    What pride I have in my Son and his accomplishments. It makes a dad proud!
    And to think, he could have just wasted his time and accomplished nothing, no Bull.

  5. Brian

    The best part about this is yet to come. They drank all those Red Bulls, the IDIOTS torched their insides with all the chemicals in those shitty beverages. Hell, the entire drink is made in a pharmaceutical lab!

    I can’t wait to see what medical problems they have and what damage they did to their kidneys, liver, etc… Haha, HILARIOUS! What a classic!

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