vacationThis week, I go to Israel for about a week or so. So you might see less activity on this blog for the next week.

It is about a year since I was in Israel, that was for my Nephew’s Bar Mitzvah and for SphinnCon Israel, amongst other things.

This time, I hope to do some planning for an SMX Israel event later on this year. I also hope to meet a few clients, SEO companies (not many) and visit the Google Tel Aviv office, if time allows. I do plan on spending at least two shabboses in Beitar with my older brother, sister-in-law and nieces. Last years trip was very nice, we did a lot and it worked out very well.

I am not a big vacationer. I always plan time to work, a couple hours in the morning and a couple hours at night. Last year, I remember stressing throughout the day in order to be able to find an open wifi network via my iPhone, to see if I am missing anything at work. My obsession gets better throughout vacation, I think. The issue is, and I am sure most of you can relate, is the constant feeling of having to dig out of the hole from going on vacation. So every day, the hole gets bigger. You dig as much as you can in the morning and at night, but then the hole gets bigger. Then you get back to your office and you have to dig out more.

Last year, I closed down the data services on my iPhone so I would not get hit with a huge bill. But this year, I am able to sign up for an international data plan for my iPhone. My only concern is that I will go over the max usage (it is not unlimited). My other concern is battery life, so we will see. It was somewhat of an issue in Boston this year, but I survived.

In any event, this year, like last year, I plan on having a work schedule. It includes:

  • Client meetings
  • SMX prepping
  • RustyBrick billing and invoicing
  • RustyBrick emails
  • Daily RSS search news checking (so SELand can continue on)
  • Daily search forum research
  • Daily blogging at SERoundtable

When I come back, that day, which is a Sunday, I will have to spend most the day in the office. I think that day is payroll and invoicing clients day – so it is a jammed packed work day, outside of just catching up and digging out.

In summary, I am looking forward to the Israel trip but not looking forward to the big dig, on a daily basis. I guess it can be worse, I can be totally offline and have to dig out without knowing what to dig out of. I am use to being offline completely during work weeks, and I have some of those days coming up.

I don’t think I am any different then most of you who read this blog. So I guess you can share in the anxiety.

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