Here is a picture at one of the holy sites I visited. Now, I had no idea what it was until I was told. Let me give you context. It is positioned indoors, about 10 feet from a holy grave site. Take a guess and comment on what you think it is…

At Kever Rachel

I’ll come on later (via a new post) to let you know.

Okay, contest is over: Answer is… It Is a Place to Dispose of Bombs (בור בטחון) read more…

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  1. Olivier

    Based on your hints, I’m going to guess a donation/tzaka box. the biggest on I’ve ever seen mind you but that’s it.
    Either that, or it’s Harry Houdini’s last trick box. You got me.

  2. Eli

    I’ve gonna have to agree. Lots like a huge donation box, with the top sealed for some reason (too much charity, maybe?).

  3. Ben Pfeiffer

    Interesting. Is it a box that you can look through the top and see the ground (or grave or remains below)? Either that or an ancient water fountain.

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